Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kids, kids, kids!

Two girls trying to sleep in a tiny air bed. It is Dora! Didn't work out!
 The ADVENTURE has begun again! We are getting to have the Eastwood kiddos, Elena, Kai, & Zane stay with us for a week.  That means a six kid household. Ages: 8, 7, 6, 4.9, 2.5, 2.5.
The first day we drove back from picking them up at Emporia and I was bushed. They watched some of a movie while I chilled waiting for my dear hubby to get home and help me decide what to do.  He's great at that.  We cooked out then headed to the spray park in Valley.  Little Zane loved the spray park! He ran around for almost an hour pretending to be an airplane in the water and trying to shoot

Two more girls getting comfy. Elena reading aloud to all :)
me with the water gun.  The other kids left the water to play on the play ground zip line and slides.
Bedtime was adventurous. Really the problem is my baby, Ava.  She is not much for sleeping lately and is two and a half. That can mean very opinionated about, well everything.  Of course she fits right in here! She finally fell asleep on our bed around ten.  We moved her to the girls room and she slept hard till seven.

The next day we got most of the morning stuff done in record time! They all worked hard and had school done in less than an hour! Except for the part that I had to lead.  We did that in
Lost the ball over the fence!
 the afternoon.  Naomi and Stella each got a chore partner, which was good for them and me. 2X the work done!! We made it to the grocery store pretty smoothly.  Only one person exclaimed "Are those all YOUR kids?" We got lots of stares.  I think people were wondering what I was doing with six kids at the store on a school day at lunch time.  That is one, okay three, of the new joys of home schooling. (strange stares, comments and going to the store at lunch:)) Went to the park to eat our lunchables next!  Why did I buy those things? Just should of bought a box of cookies and saved eight dollars! Oh well, the kids liked them. Or at least the cookies in them!
These two playing Rupunzel.

The park didn't last long, because someone had to go to the bathroom. Then they all did. I wasn't taking six kids to my friends house to potty, so we headed home.
More cleaning, school time, nap time, alone time, short video, make cookies, order pizza, play outside, bed time! That is the quick version.  I'm headed outside to play now!

Oh, by the way, my sister is lounging in Europe with her hubby! Have a great time you two!
Hamming it up together! Eating, which is what they do most the time!

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Emily B. said...

You are brave and amazing! I love that you and your sister are able to do this for each other. You are awesome. Hope the chaos of 6 stays mostly fun. These are memories that your kids are going to cherish!