Friday, February 17, 2012

The Help

We had a free movie rental from redbox on Valentine's day and had a hard time finding anything worth while to rent. ie There were no Barbie movies the girls hadn't seen. That meant trying to find an adult show. I'm not much into movies, but had heard The Help was good, although I wanted to read it first. And let me just say, of course it was good, it was a fully written, totally developed book first! I really cannot stop thinking about it. How that kind of injustice and pure meanness was so accepted. AND that it really wasn't that long ago. Really, my house looks just like those in the movie. It could have been in MY house! Which means to me, that these ideas are still prevelant. They surely get passed down. I'm just saying I don't want to be that kind of woman and I want to love people. People like me and people different than me. And I want to be brave enough to call out that ugliness, if I see it.  So, Ladies, we are also shaping our children's hearts, lets make sure they are loving ones!

BTW: I don't any of my readers who aren't loving...probably more than me! So maybe this can be just a suggestion to read or watch The Help :)