Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Day or Two at a Time

Since our days have been soooo full with our six kiddos this week, I think the best way to log our happenings are through pics.  So far I have remembered our camera on all occasions!  Saturday and Sunday were full of outside play.
Zane on his horsey.

Everyone helped Uncle Nate load and dump tree branches. By help, I mean sit in the truck and giggle.

These munchkins are nearly inseparable. 

Lots of bike riding.  It is easy to ride in the dead grass!

Jumping and dodge ball in the trampoline.

Burying themselves at the park on Sunday.

Underdogs all around!

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I always love the pictures in this yellow tube :)

Our friends came to the park too. She is Stella's best friend.

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