Monday, March 7, 2011

Naomi is 7

My oldest girl turned seven yesterday. I have noticed recently that it is the beginning of real conversations between us. It is refreshing! I am looking forward to fostering a different kind of mother daughter relationship between us. She is a super sweet girl. Her favorite activities are reading, writing and singing songs, and crafting. She wanted empty boxes for her birthday to make stuff! In her reading she likes a little suspense right now. Magic Tree House books are her favorite.
She had friends from school and church over yesterday for a dress your stuffy and paint nails and do hair party. All the girls loved dressing their favorite stuffed animal! No one wanted their hair brushed, ha! We curled it instead. Everyone got their nails painted freshly and had some ice cream cake and punch (with no HFCS, but that is another story) too.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pillow Cases Anyone?

I recently just put into words my affinity or ...maybe... I can call it my HOBBY of collecting linens. When I think about it, it totally makes sense. What makes me feel calm and at peace? A freshly made bed or beautifully set table with divine feeling fabrics. Like cool crisp that makes me want to crawl into bed now! Cleaning out my linen pantry last week I found I own over 40 pillowcases. There was no need to get rid of any of them, even the ripped in half one is so pretty that I am sure I can use its embroidered design for some project, ha! Got a Garnet Hill catalog in the mail and was ready to pitch it when I spotted these great horse sheets. I SO want to get them for Naomi. (also loving their Hydrangea, Dogwood, Rose Garden and Green Tea Scroll sheets for myself!) They are fun horses with girl colors. That is why I like them so much. We will see if I can find the funds for them somewhere:) She wants a horse and guitar room make over, but I really want it to stay pretty little girl like with flowers. That isn't going to happen so I am slowly converting my bedroom with all her old decorations. Sorry Nate, it is going to get girlier in our room! Here is a shot of all my mostly vintage pillow cases. If you are ever at an estate sale and linens are cheap pick me up a few beauties! This is just my stash of pillow cases and does not include my table linens, eek! Maybe another time.