Friday, March 30, 2007


Well, Naomi thinks she knows how to dress up like a cowboy. I have tried to get her to dress like a cowgirl, but she won't have that! No way, she is a cowBOY! She sure looks good in her latest cowboy outfit. That hat has something to do with the cowboy part because it is always a part of the outfit. She turned to me after completing this outfit and said "Just like a cowboy, mommy!" The wild hair may look cowboyish, but I'm not seeing the rest of what she is. What a great imagination she has!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Time Flies!

Oh, Yeah! Your hair is growing Stella!
These 3 braved the ice.
FIVE months already!
Time to leave the concert
What a great 3rd birthday smile!

Wow time flies! I can't believe it is the middle of March 2007! Part of me is still lost somewhere in 2003. The other night I was labeling some milk to be frozen and wrote the date as 03! It was in the wee morning hours and I did catch it before too long, but to write 07 just felt wrong. I sure don't want to go back to 03, cause life is better now... two sweet babies, 10 years married, a softer heart, sweeter relationship with Jesus. It's getting late and I could ramble on, but I really just wanted to put up some new pictures of my beautiful girls.