Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Penguins in the Zoo!

Our latest trip to the zoo was a long awaited one for Naomi. It is one of her favorite things to do and we hadn't been there since early summer. These pictures tell about our adventure.
We went to the penguins that we hadn't seen yet first. It was a great, you could really see the penguins close up. Kitty really seemed to like them too.

We moved on to pet some bears! Stella and Naomi really liked them. And good news! Not even so much as a lick from them!

Our family portrait in the jungle in front of the water fall. The piranhas were fed right in front of us. Nate got to watch the big one gobble down the "fish" food!

We all stopped to get a close up picture with the Gila monster! Good thing he is not alive, I think he would have ate us! Then, we realized, someone was missing! No not Stella. Were was Kitty?! The hunt began, back through the jungle, lizards, bears. Who would actually take Kitty? I mean, look closely at her! Our last hope was she was still with the penguins...

There she was! We didn't think that is were we would find her because we had lost her once in the penguin area before we even left it. I guess she wandered off again before we left. She said she had a great time watching them all, but missed Naomi.

Since Kitty had missed the rest of the zoo we decided to make the last stop the chimpanzees. Stella enjoyed pounding on the glass at the baby. Naomi and Kitty posed with the statue together. It was a great time with the girls (and Kitty)!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stella is One!

So Stella turned one on the 2nd of October. Time really does fly when you are having fun! She is a popular girl too. She had three parties! We were actually trying to make it not so overwhelming and simple. I'm not sure if you call three parties simple, but it was nice for Stella to get time with all who came. We had great carrot cake from Aunt Resa at all three parties. Stella loved it!
Stella showed us how big she was by sliding down the slide and hanging from the monkey bars at the park.
Stella LOVES babies! She was thrilled when baby Annalise came and she could take care of her, while Elena, Naomi, & Kai acted silly.