Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Monday was a full day! Being a holiday we had all sorts of fun activities to we go. We had our Monday morning donut run, of course.  Then...
At the AWESOME playroom at Grandma and Grandpa Harts house!

Zane would hardly leave this room! Look at the toys stacked to the ceiling!

The older cousins played doge ball in the yard, while we picnicked.

Running around and around...tired yet?

Plenty of water and headed to the river.

Testing the water.

Hunting for fish.


Think we got something!

The catch of the day.

This is one of Grandpa Jim's favorite activities.

Good thing for Nate and Jerrod to watch the kids in the water :)

Next up ice cream party at a friends house.  Their bowls were empty fast!

Kai's bowl still had some in it:)

Cutie with all the cicada shells.

Sweet girls getting sweeter!

Hmmmm?  Do I know you?

Sweetest little man!

Got enough? That was some good ice cream!

David likes it too!

Cute!It was so fun with the lights, swings, and frisbees in the backyard. Thanks Alisha & Will!

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