Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life update

Well I haven't blogged in a while, so I thought I would just update what is happening in our lives through pictures and a few sentences to go with them!

First up! I guess I never posted Halloween pics. Probably because this is the best one of all the girls. No one wanted a picture. Ha, isn't that just how kids are! This is my cowgirl, cat, and ladybug at our friend's Halloween birthday party. We had a great time trick-o-treating with old and new friends!

Ok. Here is one of me for all you long distance people :) I am about twenty pounds lighter and feeling like a new woman! This is thanks to my new lifestyle or diet whatever you want to call it. I think I might call it eating only a few foods God made and a NO man made foods. That sounds simple, huh? It has been a huge change! Mainly because I LOVE FOOD! But alas, my body does not love it. I think I am allergic to about every other thing, which in turn makes my body ache from inflammation from the ribs down. So, I will learn to make life about more important things or people! than food.

Here is my little baby Ava, looking not so little. Her hair is in a ponytail! I may need to freeze her in time:)

This is the first snow of the season! It was wet and I couldn't catch the flurries on the camera. But Stel in her flip flops trying to catch a flake is priceless!!

We were so glad to get to start our holiday fun times while it was still sixty degrees! Riding on the carriages at Bradly Fair is always one of our favorite events. The girls love the horses. Then we went to my current favorite store Barnes and Noble. EEEEHHH:))

Ava enjoying her milk. With her foot up. "My milk" are a few of the words she can sign AND say. It is a hoot to hear. She concentrates so hard, to make sure I know what she is saying.

Here is only half the dolls we own having a party. Curtesy of Stella. Ava soon came over and emptied all their cups for them. On the floor, of course!