Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Pair of Mischief

Stella started crawling on Father's Day! You can see some of her red marks on her face from her first explorations of the house. Naomi thinks it is great and has moved on to teaching her to stand. Which she mastered in her bed. Greeted me this morning with her arms up over the rails standing on two wobbly feet. They were quite a pair this morning at the park. Naomi invited Stella to swing and boy did she swing her! I thought she would fall out, but Stella was giggling with each rough, twisted, high push her sister gave her. I think Stella is ready for playing any game Naomi can throw at her! Naomi is still sticking to swinging on her tummy. None of the scary sitting in the swing for her.

New Niece!

Annalise Cadence Williamson was born yesterday! We were all excited to meet her. Her thick fluffy hair is my favorite part so far. Brad and Mackenzie say she has been laid back the first six hours of her life.