Saturday, February 5, 2011

Is it over yet?

Whoa! It has been quite a week! I say that because I have finally came back alive from near death, I'm sure of it, from the come and go stomach flu. For some reason it hit me the hardest, but everyone except Stella has had their turn here. Mine was come and go. Sick Saturday night, recovering Sunday, good Monday, then Tuesday afternoon went down hard. It was awful, like I couldn't even watch TV I was in so much pain! Spent Wednesday and Thursday morning trying not to move, then was feeling great for the afternoon. I got a little too hungry and ate anything in site (ie crappy donut) and came down hard again that evening. My dear hubby rescued me yesterday and came home to take care of me and Naomi, cause she was having a hard time too.

Creeping around today, trying to get back to some laundry and sweeping the floor! Turns out something molded inside our vacuum and when I turned it on it spewed vomit smelling junk all over its insides! Gross! Nate got on that and took it apart to clean it. We will see if we get a new one or it goes back together. (I think I am hoping for a new one, except I am so cheap I don't want to pay for one)

In the midst of this our neighbor, who moved, so she isn't our neighbor anymore really, called and asked us to check her house that hasn't sold yet. That sounded fun to me, so I got dressed to go. Nate said I looked like I might blow away in the wind! While unlocking her door, I thought I heard water, but no, it couldn't be. OH YES, it was!!! Water pouring from the ceiling through the vent below! Almost all carpets soaked. We had to call the city to find her water shut off under all the snow. Then I called her. Not good for her. On the bright side, maybe the cleanup will help the house sell! Lessons learned: Always have your heat on in freezing weather and don't put off calling your neighbor.

Well, the girls were great during the snow days with a mommy hardly worth anything. Here is some shots of their fun play.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ava's 2!

My last baby turned two! She sure is growing up fast. Nate and I still have a hard time believing she couldn't even walk seven months ago. I guess she just takes her own sweet time. She is a spunky little girl now. Moving right into the sweetness and will power of the year of two. Her personality is very girly...playing with hair accessories daily, cuddling any baby, stuffed animal, or food - not just animal shaped, likes to see her hair and outfit in the mirror every morning, loves, loves, loves shoes, and dress up is a delight of her day! Right now she is playing in her bed. Should have been napping two hours ago, but my girls just don't like naps. Oh well, could be worse. She loves spontaneous hugging. Which is just so great! Sometimes it comes with a big sloppy kiss too! Oh, and loves shopping, as Grandma Julane discovered.

To celebrate with Ava we spread it out. We went to family movie night at a local church that used to be a theater. Grandma Patty and Grandpa Jim got to come with us for that. As an extra bonus some of our friends were there too! Ava went on her first birthday shopping trip with Grandma Julane and had a really good time picking out kitty sheets and eating spaghetti. Grandpa Bob and Grandma Charolette sent a great surprise for her. A giant indoor/outdoor tent that we can all fit in. All the girls are loving that!