Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Friends!

Merry Christmas Friends! Our Christmas has been full of fun Christmas activities. We hope yours has too! One of our favorite movies to watch this time of year is The Nativity. I love how it makes Christ coming to Earth so real for me and my girls. What a blessed gift God gave!
We have been busily baking for our friends and families. The girls always love to help bake and measure ingredients. Hopefully they are on their way to being great bakers!
We visited Santa at the Wichita Eagle open house. This was our second year going to this. The tour of the newspaper plant is really cool.
I decided to undertake the task of a gingerbread house not from a kit. Now I am glad to say I have done one and have some experience to build on for future years. My dear sister sent me a pattern. Whoa!
It was the biggest house ever! She didn't remember sending me a huge house pattern, but she did. So, I made only one third of it. Here is a picture of the house pattern she sent me. Totally made me laugh that she thought I should do that huge one for my first house! The girls had a blast making it. We had saved almost all our halloween candy to put on the house. That was great! Had a ton of candy to put on it, even threw some away afterward. Some of the highlights in the decor are: Naomi's ducks, Stella's soft couch on the front lawn (who doesn't need that!), light posts that taste like root beer according to Stella, the gingerbread girl, a few mailboxes, and last but not least people faces in the windows.
Our Christmas tree this year has stayed decorated all month. Ava likes to keep things were they belong, unlike when we had baby Stella, who thought all ornaments belonged in her bed! Together we all made a pipe cleaner candy cane garland for the tree. The crafty children decorated kind of tree is really growing on me! May your Christmas and New Year be blessed by the King!