Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Garden Dreams

So I am sitting here looking out my kitchen window. I should be working, but I'll get to that. Right? I am daydreaming about my yard. How I wish for a beautiful yard, but I just can't seem to get it by just daydreaming about it. Hmmm, I wish that were all it took and so do all the other nongardeners, I'm sure. The problem is I desire pretty flowers, cause those are my favorite, but I really don't like outdoor work, except to "work" on my tan. And I am to cheap or think I am to poor to spend any money to have someone do it for me. Our new neighbors are out mowing their bright green grass, for about the 3rd time this week I think, on their brand new oversized mower! Our grass is still a lot more brown than green. We don't even technically own our working lawn mower, ha ha ha. And every tool I seem to buy either dulls or stops charging or something to make them "not that great". The neighbors said they were thinking about putting up a privacy fence where our chain link fence is now. I don't blame them since that is where the past year and a half of leaves have piled, and I am not getting out there soon to vacuum them up! How I will miss gazing into there beautiful yard! I went to my sisters house this last week and saw pretty flowers blooming next to her front porch too! Just like a pretty little cottage. Then I came home and saw my sparse front garden with a few green things poking up around all the dirt. Naomi pointed out that there are ants crawling all over it too! Gross! Not quite a cottage or what I daydream about! My husband really does try. He plants all the plants that I buy, but not watering or watering too much or something seems to keep them small or nonexsiting.
Our goal is this summer is to put in drip irrigation, so all I have to do is turn the knob. I think I can handle that. If not, I'll teach Naomi! Maybe that will make my garden dreams come true.