Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stella 2 months

Isn't she so cute you just want to kiss her! Stella is sporting her fuzzy winter outfit and a precious little smile.

Almost a girly day

I was excited that Naomi wanted to wear a dress today! It wasn't any of the ones I picked out. Had to be the one with leopard flowers on it. That was fine she still looked cute in her white tights and dress. Then the first thing she asks is if she can go outside. And here she is. She said she is building a castle in the dirt. She said she will be very careful not to sit in the dirt. She found a bone that is beside her in picture two. She said "Mommy, it not a bone, it an "O". I have to agree with her. Anyway, she did come back in with very little dirt on her. She sure is growing up!