Sunday, October 31, 2010

The rest of summer vacation

Here are a few more pictures of our days at the beach this summer. The sun came out a little and we played on the close to empty beaches as much as we could!

The girls thought that they were "surfing" when the first surf came in and covered their feet. It was so sweet.

We spent tons of time collecting shells...

...and building castles.

Ava liked the soft sand. Look you can see her chubby ankles..awww! The seaweed was all over because of the hurricane.

This was the last photo our camera took before it succumbed to the humidity and sand:( We were running around looking for bathrooms and had to see the shark!

Stella's Birthday

This is Stella decorating her cake the night before her party. Look close. Sorry, to those who ate the cake :) The girls had the best time making the MOST AWESOME cake with a jellybean rainbow and marshmallow clouds!

It was so fun to have a house full of little girls! We played pin the tiara on the pony and had rainbow cake and sherbet. Stella and Naomi made flower magic wands to give to all the guests. Stella loves to say "poof" and make you change into something different.

Happy Birthday Beauty!

MMMMMM!!! Lots of frosting and jellybeans!

Here is the cake. Six layers. It was fun to make.

The Eastwood's came down after the party to celebrate too!

Pear Picking

We got a HUGE load of pears off our tree this year! We finally figured out how to ripen them so we can eat them too! The girls had a great time picking and eating them. We planted the tree the first year we lived here, when Naomi was a baby. She loves having "her" tree. Maybe we will get two more fruit trees for our other girls soon :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Henna in my hair

Its been a long time it seems since I played with my hair color. But that is what sisters are for, right? Resa did the research into dying hair with henna and I told her I would be in too. I wasn't sure after she did hers first and was telling me how bright it was and everyone asking her about it. When I saw it though, I liked it a lot. Of course, I checked with Nate first. He said "It is only hair."
Here it is before.

Henna is ground up leaves with lemon juice and cranberry tea spread like a mud into your hair. It stinks! I had to leave this on for two hours. My head was killing me from the weight of the enormous amount of mud it took to cover my hair.

Here is it after five days. It should stay this color. Takes about this long to fully develop. I like it. But I only look at it for about five minutes a day, so hopefully YOU like it :)