Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm a big girl now!

So, Stella made the jump to a toddler bed this week. She loves it and really thinks she is a big girl. Although we had high hopes, she has not chosen to stay in bed to sleep, only to "jump!" as she would say. Thankfully we have a bed guard that fit on her bed. It has Elmo, MoMo in Stella language, on it, so she likes it, but will soon be climbing over it. This is a new experience for us because Naomi never got out of bed without permission until she was three! She sure is cute even when she is hollering "Mommy!" out from under the door.

Full Swing

It feels as though summer is in full swing for us even though the last day of school was just yesterday. I am so thankful for Nate's job at River and not having to work at the school too. We have had more time together as a family with him getting a whole TWO DAYS off of work! Time for projects and fun! We have already made it to KC for a vacation all together. We spent a chilly evening at World's of Fun with the Eastwoods. The girls both LOVED Snoopy and every time we saw him Naomi would give him a hug. Stella loved the rides, but Naomi's speed was more meeting with Lucy and shopping. Nate and I got to go to The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant, alone! It was the best date we have had in a while.
Naomi discovered baby kittens at Great Grandma Ruth's house. She named them Sara and Tom. There were many tears about when we would see them again, which have thankfully subsided!
We have been to the zoo with our friends the Collings. Their little boy Elliot is in the picture with the gorilla statues. Stella fondly calls him "Elt" each time they see each other. They were born about a month apart and have been hanging out regularly ever since. We went when the zoo was open in the evening. It is my favorite time to go. The cool breeze and small crowds makes it so enjoyable.
Monday it already reached ninety degrees, so we got the swimming stuff out! Grandma Julane had brought a new, um, I guess I would call it mini Y water set. The girls had a blast giggling and screaming as they shot through the cold water squirting out from it. Nate hooked the big slide to it and they both took turns going down it and splashing into the water. Although she is brave, Stella still liked the mini whale slide better.
We have each had out turn relaxing in the hammock too! I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer and it has just begun! Thanks to the Lord for friends, family and fun!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Garden Dreams ll

Well, I've come to realize just how long gardening takes. For me it is not only the time it takes the plants to grow, but also a list of other things... 1. Not killing the plants you have! 2.Learning to protect against disease 3.Transplant recovery 4. Knowing somewhat what I want 5. Having energy & time to do it (that is a big one) 6. Watering usually keeps plants alive, whata ya know! All this to say here are some recent pictures of what is starting to take shape in our backyard. We have been here five years this summer! I definitely don't have it all together, but it is finally a good start! You can read Garden Dreams one if you like.

Need a Laugh?

Nate showed me these videos on youtube last night and we laughed so hard we cried, not to mention almost peeing my pants! Here is my favorite. This is a link to another good one called "Kid's Rock by Tim Hawkins". While you are there watch the rest of them. But go to the bathroom first!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well, Naomi has just finished her first organized sport team, playing Blastball. She was really good at hitting the ball off the t. Especially since she didn't have much of a clue about anything to do with softball before she showed up for practice the first night. I tried to give her an idea by finding a tball video on youtube for her to watch, but that was it. She fell and skinned her foot the first time she ran to get the ball in the outfield, so that was pretty much the end of chasing the ball. She was just there to hit the ball and run! Stella, Daddy and I cheered her on along with a few visits from Grandparents, Aunts and cousins.