Friday, February 8, 2008


Well, Christmas, really December has long past, but I don't want to miss blogging the season, so here is a run through our season with pictures. Sorry our camera has been acting up so please excuse some blur and darkness!
Lily was over to enjoy hot chocolate and a Christmas movie. As of February 5th she is the proud new sister of two sweet boys, Max and Lincoln!
Naomi proudly displays her ginger bread house.

Nate, Stella and Naomi out throwing snowballs and riding a makeshift sled. If I remember right Nate was pulling a ridding toy with extension cords!

Stella is trying to dance with her friend, Mary, at the Christmas concert at church.


A-Boo through our Christmas tree. Stella couldn't get enough of this.

Nate, he is always good for a laugh! Here he is dressed as a Christmas tree at our group party.

He got fake eyelashes in the gift exchange. Kevin is laughing big, but he covered it.

We went Christmas light looking with the girls. Here is before, with hot chocolate for Naomi and warm milk for Stella.

This is what happened RIGHT after the BIG house on Main street. Nate and I finished looking anyway.

Here is Stella "cheesing" in her Christmas dress and pigtails.

This is Naomi and Elina at the kid table lovin there food.

Naomi is "cheesing" in her Christmas dress and pigtails. She liked her gift.

Stella liked the box.

Stella and Elina dressed in there new princess gowns.

Naomi lovin her new Pony Teapot Palace.

Eric had Nate's name this year in the gift exchange. He always comes up with something clever to package his gifts in.

We spent New Years Eve snacking and playing games with the girls. Here they are blowing horns.