Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today I just want to remember how much I LOVE my three girlies.  Getting to stay at home with them all day is so fun! If you haven't heard, we are homeschooling this year. That is another post I will get to later.
I love Naomi because she is such a soft, romantic spirit! She loves to lay under her pear tree and dream while gazing at the clouds.  Music speaks to her so much.  Composing and singing is one of her favorite things to do.  Actually it just happens. She doesn't really have to DO it. How great!
Stella is about to turn five. She is really growing up out of toddler stage all of a sudden.  I love lots about her.  She always throws out a good quote or two. Words have always been her gifting.  One of my favorite things she says that I know she will figure out soon is the prayer God is good, God is great, she always prays "God is good. God is good..." Which He is!  Soon she will realize and not double the good and it will be a little sad for me.  Starting soccer this fall has shown her competitiveness.  She goes for that ball with an iron will.  And she scores! It is serious on the field, but all smiles and laughs when we get home and she talks about it.
Ava is... well, the baby.  The only two names she will allow you to call her are monkey and princess.  We do not call our girls princess here at our house!  But she sure wants you to.  I like monkey because she lives on bananas and climbs everything, quietly.  She will play with barbies and ponies and dollies all by herself for an hour.  Loves dress up. For her and her babies.  That girl can put barbie clothes on that the older two cannot get on the dolls!  Her smile is heart melting when she bats her big blue eyes up at you.
Just needed to put their youthful cuteness out there before they grow up a single minute more!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I've been really tired lately, which leads to reading more blogs.  Sometimes it is just so peaceful to sit with the windows open, a beverage (I like coffee or water in a par tic ular glass) and sit and read some blogs that I follow.  These blogs lead me into a life that is otherwise foreign to me.  They also inspire me that I can do stuff that is outside of my normal flow of life. I love seeing life in another country or state.  How it is the same as my life and how it is different.  These two blogs don't have much in common, but I think they both speak to the creative side of me.
Down to Earth is a blog written by Rhonda who lives simply in Australia. Boy, the weather always looks nice there. And all her reused items always look so clean and neat.  Which is my problem with reused stuff. It doesn't look clean and neat at my house.
Sandra writes Sawdust and Paper Scraps from Chicago, maybe.  She recently moved and as I said, I don't regularly follow. Anywho, when she moves she redoes her house.  Not hire it redone. She does it. I would love to be able to do that much wood work.  It really seems like an expensive and time consuming hobby to start right now, so I will just live through her blog.
You can visit these blogs or read the ones that make you feel relaxed and creative. Wishing you some peace today!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Grandma Julane wanted to spend some time spoiling ALL her grandkids so off to Hutchinson we went!
Picnic at the park.

Elena & Bryce

Hey Grandma!

Headed for the zoo.

Gobble, gobble!

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

This dinosaur is great!

"This my puppy!"

Oh, my word! There is dinosaur bones in here!!!

Everyone held the fuzzy caterpillar.

She fell and hurt her nose :(

Ice cream made everything good.

Mmmmm! He was quite a mess!


These are great! We are still hungry!

Mom and Aunt Pud. I had some too, but had the camera, so I didn't have to have my picture taken :)

Stella was cold and needed to snuggle.

Rock, paper, scissors

These two joined Nate & I outside, while the others chilled playing wii all evening.

They are holding hands.  So sweet!


Monday was a full day! Being a holiday we had all sorts of fun activities to we go. We had our Monday morning donut run, of course.  Then...
At the AWESOME playroom at Grandma and Grandpa Harts house!

Zane would hardly leave this room! Look at the toys stacked to the ceiling!

The older cousins played doge ball in the yard, while we picnicked.

Running around and around...tired yet?

Plenty of water and headed to the river.

Testing the water.

Hunting for fish.


Think we got something!

The catch of the day.

This is one of Grandpa Jim's favorite activities.

Good thing for Nate and Jerrod to watch the kids in the water :)

Next up ice cream party at a friends house.  Their bowls were empty fast!

Kai's bowl still had some in it:)

Cutie with all the cicada shells.

Sweet girls getting sweeter!

Hmmmm?  Do I know you?

Sweetest little man!

Got enough? That was some good ice cream!

David likes it too!

Cute!It was so fun with the lights, swings, and frisbees in the backyard. Thanks Alisha & Will!

A Day or Two at a Time

Since our days have been soooo full with our six kiddos this week, I think the best way to log our happenings are through pics.  So far I have remembered our camera on all occasions!  Saturday and Sunday were full of outside play.
Zane on his horsey.

Everyone helped Uncle Nate load and dump tree branches. By help, I mean sit in the truck and giggle.

These munchkins are nearly inseparable. 

Lots of bike riding.  It is easy to ride in the dead grass!

Jumping and dodge ball in the trampoline.

Burying themselves at the park on Sunday.

Underdogs all around!

Add caption

I always love the pictures in this yellow tube :)

Our friends came to the park too. She is Stella's best friend.