Friday, October 24, 2008

The "Grunge" look

As I was ironing today I was pondering this... You know that "grunge" look some people are really into. Well, some people, my husband being one of them, are just naturally born that way. He doesn't need to spend hundreds of dollars on jeans that look really worn and worked in. For example, I was observing his jeans last night as he worked on the basement. They had a small hole sliced in them. Looked like he might have slipped with the carpet blade he uses to do about everything with. The shorts he wears have taken a beating these past few months too, as he has been painting at work AND at home. Each pair I folded neatly and put away had strings and paint smeared on them. I am sure they would qualify for grunge. He is not just wearing these for work jobs though. He will be wearing them at any occasion calling for shorts. I recently took down the "nice" shorts from the top of the closet and put them in storage or gave them away, I'm pretty sure they will never get worn! If they do it will probably be for a project and they will be quickly on their way to grunge! About two months ago I bought him twelve new dress shirts. Currently they are getting "ruined" at about one a month. Now I am thinking I should just hang them up, they are grunge style now! As long as paint and ink stains count as grunge. Maybe I could add a hole or fray the edges. One or maybe a couple of his favorite dress shirts has morphed to grunge on their own. Lots of fraying around the color, some holes starting at the seams. So, today, I am officially giving up on trying to have him be the "pressed" type. Although sometimes I think I might like that, I wouldn't like him to stop being a manly man and working as hard as he does, just to save the prettiness of his clothes! I will just save a lot of money by buying new clothes and letting him add the "grunge" for free!