Monday, June 23, 2008

Annalise turned one!

Wednesday is my niece, Annalise's 1st birthday! We celebrated on Saturday with her and some more family and friends. She was all cheery eyed and happy! She liked her first taste of cake too. She loved the ball Naomi and Stella picked out for her. Her Mommy and Daddy got her a swing that all the girls wanted to ride in. She also got a blowup pool, rocking chair, book, and sunglasses. Here are some cute pics of her big bash! Her walking skills are coming along quickly! She could walk with the ball and her push car. Mackenzie said she just started that last week. It won't be long till she is running around with her cousins!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Slowing down again!

Life seemed crazy busy the beginning of spring. (I already blogged about most of that) This month life has slowed down. Really the big events have been swim lessons for both of the girls. In which Naomi learned to swim! It may be a dog paddle, but a really good one. It is a new experience having her run all around the pool without a parent right beside her. (At least for me it is, Nate is a little more laid back about it) I also finally took the plunge and got Naomi's hair cut really short. We are constantly fighting tangles that she can't stand and shorter is better for that. I was deathly afraid she would get a helmet cut (like I got when I was young, ie picture) and she would hate it. We went for a bob and her hair looks great! Turned out cousin Elena got hers cut in a cute bob too. This slower pace will have to last for about two years...that's when our new baby will be one! Yep, one more on the way, sometime around the middle of January. It's hard for me to do much else while making or feeding a baby all the time! Life is good and we feel so blessed to have another precious gift added to our family. Naomi is excited and really wants a girl named Sara or Rosepetal. Stella just grins super big when talking about another baby. Nate pointed out that we will be outnumbered by one now. The girls think that is great!