Saturday, May 19, 2007


So, I had a great day today. Which, unfortunately, I wasn't expecting. I had been sick all week and today was the first wedding of the season for me to coordinate. For some reason I always dread it, but God spoke at that wedding and it was a beautiful thing! How great is it to get to be involved with all these people's wedding days? One of the biggest days of their lives! Plus, I really like watching all the details come together and how excited everyone is. Oh and to see the girls cry tears of happiness really is sweet! Thankfully, I think my sickness is gone too. Wahoo, cause it was a doosy. After the wedding I spent some good time with Nate just cleaning up the church and putting the stage back together. It was nice alone time. That sounds like a funny date, but we used to do that stuff all the time together, but now with 2 girls that doesn't happen much. We didn't have to worry about rushing home to the girls cause Grandma Patty and Papa Jim were at home playing with them. So we got good family time at home with Grandma and Papa and after they left too. Stella opened her mouth to eat tonight. Now that is a big thing. I guess when I feed her sweet potatoes and vanilla yogurt she will do that. Now green beans is another thing. After supper she played on the floor while the rest of us ate. Nate thought she was saying dada to him. When I went to pick her up, I confirmed that she was saying dada. Because there was poop overflowing up out of her diaper and piled on the floor! Sweet potato poop:) Nate said she wasn't saying dada after all and I took care of it. Really didn't bother me at all. Ya know cause moms deal with poop all the time! I also just realize that Naomi didn't get any swats today. She actually just did as we asked, cheerfully! After the accident all three of us tried to teach Stella how to crawl. Naomi was urging her on in her sweet baby voice. Amongst all these things I also got a few "to dos" done which feels great after being out of it for a week. I just wanted to write this down so I can remember the perspective God granted me today. Joy, the Lord has given me joy!

Hey Uncle Bo!

Uncle Bo. You don't have to worry about your horse you gave me. I am taking really good care of Cupcake Hart. That's the name I decided on. I still like Cash, like we talked about, but I can't really say that, so I went with Cupcake Hart instead. She is my favorite pony and I make sure she stays clean with lots of baths! Oh, and she also gets to sleep on a nice soft pillow when she needs a nap. She also says Neighhhhhhhh really loud! - Love Naomi