Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why can't I work?

As I was trying to do some work a few moments ago I discovered another reason why I have trouble focusing one my work. It must have always been there and I am just now coming to the full realization of it. Here is the situation: I sat down to work at the computer... wait, first I asked Nate to watch the girls while I did some prep work for church tomorrow. Then I sat down at the computer, tried concentrating while Nate and the girls played in the room about six feet away from me. I am pretty good at blocking the noise out. Then I hear "Hey, Mommy." I try to ignore it. Again "Hey Mommy." Again, ignore and don't look. "Mommy, hey Mommy!" So I look. It is NATE wanting me to look at his BIG eye through the magnifying glass. He wants me to watch it blink AND to look at his mouth too. How many children do I have?