Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I've been really tired lately, which leads to reading more blogs.  Sometimes it is just so peaceful to sit with the windows open, a beverage (I like coffee or water in a par tic ular glass) and sit and read some blogs that I follow.  These blogs lead me into a life that is otherwise foreign to me.  They also inspire me that I can do stuff that is outside of my normal flow of life. I love seeing life in another country or state.  How it is the same as my life and how it is different.  These two blogs don't have much in common, but I think they both speak to the creative side of me.
Down to Earth is a blog written by Rhonda who lives simply in Australia. Boy, the weather always looks nice there. And all her reused items always look so clean and neat.  Which is my problem with reused stuff. It doesn't look clean and neat at my house.
Sandra writes Sawdust and Paper Scraps from Chicago, maybe.  She recently moved and as I said, I don't regularly follow. Anywho, when she moves she redoes her house.  Not hire it redone. She does it. I would love to be able to do that much wood work.  It really seems like an expensive and time consuming hobby to start right now, so I will just live through her blog.
You can visit these blogs or read the ones that make you feel relaxed and creative. Wishing you some peace today!

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alisha said...

Jodi, I loved this! And, yes, you did inspire me.