Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today I just want to remember how much I LOVE my three girlies.  Getting to stay at home with them all day is so fun! If you haven't heard, we are homeschooling this year. That is another post I will get to later.
I love Naomi because she is such a soft, romantic spirit! She loves to lay under her pear tree and dream while gazing at the clouds.  Music speaks to her so much.  Composing and singing is one of her favorite things to do.  Actually it just happens. She doesn't really have to DO it. How great!
Stella is about to turn five. She is really growing up out of toddler stage all of a sudden.  I love lots about her.  She always throws out a good quote or two. Words have always been her gifting.  One of my favorite things she says that I know she will figure out soon is the prayer God is good, God is great, she always prays "God is good. God is good..." Which He is!  Soon she will realize and not double the good and it will be a little sad for me.  Starting soccer this fall has shown her competitiveness.  She goes for that ball with an iron will.  And she scores! It is serious on the field, but all smiles and laughs when we get home and she talks about it.
Ava is... well, the baby.  The only two names she will allow you to call her are monkey and princess.  We do not call our girls princess here at our house!  But she sure wants you to.  I like monkey because she lives on bananas and climbs everything, quietly.  She will play with barbies and ponies and dollies all by herself for an hour.  Loves dress up. For her and her babies.  That girl can put barbie clothes on that the older two cannot get on the dolls!  Her smile is heart melting when she bats her big blue eyes up at you.
Just needed to put their youthful cuteness out there before they grow up a single minute more!


Rebecca Mullen said...

Your girls are so beautiful! And have such distinct personalities. It's been a privilege to watch them grow up & to learn from you guys. We love you.

Resa said...

L O V E And they will always know in their heart of hearts that they've been loved by a precious Mommy!

my little celebration said...

Just found your blog, Jodi! And I'm glad you found mine, too.

I love this post! Your love for being a mother is beautifully apparent, and it makes me look forward to that season in my life all the more.

Glad we could connect, even if it was just online.

Talk soon!